Navy & Red Brushing Boots
Navy & Red Brushing Boots
Navy & Red Brushing Boots

Navy & Red Brushing Boots

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H & O’s brushing boots are the perfect blend of style, fit, quality and affordability.  Our boots are pliable to ensure they mould perfectly against horses leg, providing a comfortable fit and maximum protection against knocks and bumps. The breathable faux sheepskin lining gives the boots a luxurious look and feel whilst being durable and hardwearing.

H & O’s boots are well known for their exceptional fit.  Our boots differ from most designs on the market that have a curve along the top of the boot which often impedes on the knee joint.  H & O’s boots are designed to better fit the shape of the horses legs, promoting full freedom of movement, and of course comfort for the horse.

All H & O boots are sold in pairs to allow you to mix front and back sizes so you can achieve the perfect fit all round.  Please note our full size is generous in order to cater for larger horses such as warmbloods.  Most horses 16 hands and under will only require a cob on the front legs (however full on the hind legs as normal).  Please refer to our sizing information prior to ordering,  Sizing details are located in the pictures on this page or on our Sizing page.