About us

Welcome!  We are so excited to launch H & O Equine Apparel! 

Who are we?  Just like you, we are everyday horse owners and riders.  We love nothing more than spending time with our four legged best friends, be it a relaxed trail ride on a Sunday afternoon, training session with our dressage coach or weekend competing.  

One thing we love is hitting the arena dressed to impress.  After trying to no avail to find what we were after one day, we felt there was a gap in the market; good quality horse gear, that fits well and of course with the option to put together the ultimate matching sets!   

We also felt with all the fancy options available to the competitive rider, it was a challenge to find competition wear for both horse and rider that is more reminiscent of a classic look based on understated elegance without all the bling.

We decided if we can't buy it, why not design it and create it ourselves!  And so H & O was born.  Coming up with the name was easy, our two beautiful horses, Henry and Otto where chosen to be the name and face of our venture!