Green Bell Boots
Green Bell Boots

Green Bell Boots

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Our bell boots are the perfect blend of style, functionality and affordability! They feature:

  • neoprene lining for shock absorbency
  • faux leather exterior (patent and grain options)
  • luxurious faux fleece lining around the coronet band
  • double lock tabs with double stitched velcro for durability. 

Our bell boots have been designed with generous circumference to allow them to sit over the hoof comfortably which means they don’t work their way up the pastern as the horse works, keeping them well positioned to protect the bulbs of the heel.   

Available in small pony, pony, cob and full.   Please note our full size is generous in order to cater for larger horses such as warmbloods.  Horses up to 16 hands with smaller Thoroughbred type feet may only require a cob size, please refer to measurements and sizing guide to assist with purchasing.  Machine washable (cold) and allow to dry in the shade.