Aqua Hay Bag - Old Stock

Aqua Hay Bag - Old Stock

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PLEASE NOTE - Our new stock has arrived and is upgraded with double stitching including overlocking for superior strength and durability, we have also added plastic name pockets in the front.  As a result we are now discounting this older stock to clear at 40% off.

H & O’s reusable drawstring hay bags are an environmentally conscious way to store and organise hay!  Our hay bags easily fit 1/3rd of a square bale in them and are perfect for pre-portioning hay at the start of the week or taking extra hay to fill up your hay net at competitions or clinics. 

Our hay bags are a whopping 70cm wide and 85cm high and therefore lend themselves to a wide range of uses around the stable including storing away multiple rugs including heavy winter canvas and synthetics.  They are also great to keep in the tack room and pop your rugs to be repaired in, then once full take the whole bag to your rug repairer! 

As with all H & O gear, our hay bags come in a large range of colours.  They are made out of the same polyester as our gear and feed bags so match 100% perfectly with all our other bags in our range.