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H & O’s reusable feedbags are an environmentally conscious way to pre-make feeds, it’s time to ditch those plastic bags!  Our feed bags secure at the top with a drawstring keeping your feed secure from spilling out.  They are ideal for all dry feedstuffs and supplements. 

Our feedbags are perfect for making up feeds for the week ahead if you keep your horse on agistment or are a great way to pack feeds in your float for competitions or clinics.  They also lend themselves to other uses around the stables including storing brushes, helmets, cotton rugs etc.

Available in two sizes; regular which measures 30cm X 40cm (4-5 standard chaff scoop capacity) and large which measures 40cm X 50cm (7-8 chaff scoop capacity). 

As with all H & O gear, our feed bags come in a large range of colours.  They are made out of the same polyester as our gear and hay bags so match 100% perfectly with all our other bags in our range.

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